Your birth chart is a map of the sky based upon the date, time and place of your birth and represents a blueprint for your life.  It indicates potentialities rather than actualities.  You live your life within the framework of your chart but have considerable choice as to how, or even whether you will develop and express those potentialities.

Freewill is seen as being very important in astrology, and an analysis enables you to understand yourself on a deeper level, and thus make the necessary choices in your life.  Astrology is not a means of fortune telling but rather a tool for psychological analysis.  No one can tell you what you are going to decide or what anyone else is going to do. A natal chart analysis helps you to make wiser choices for a more fulfilling life.

Where Future Trends are studied these refer to one’s psychological stage of development at certain times of life, not to events. The truth is that you are creating your future every minute that you think about anything. If you create your own reality, why would a forecast be necessary? Think of a forecast as a weather report. It is a wonderful tool to guide you through any storms, while at the same time helping you to use your energies to their greatest potential.

In Relationship Astrology the natal charts of both partners are first analysed separately, and then they are overlaid and compared.  Astrology is a tremendously efficient tool for assessing inter-personal relationships and provides a deep understanding of any couple.  A Relationships Report not only shows why two people are attracted to each other, but also where the potential difficulties lie.  It never says – these two people should not be in a relationship.  Rather it helps the couple to understand areas of their relationship which can potentially cause problems.  Such an understanding can enable the couple to work on their relationship and iron out any differences.

Where Relationship Reports are concerned, there is no kind of interaction between two people that is so inherently good that enough selfishness, misunderstandings about sex, or immaturity cannot turn a relationship sour.

Equally there is no interaction between two people’s charts that is so inherently bitter that enough patience, devotion and humility can not only make it last, but make it precious to both people!