Being a parent is challenging, and a job description for a parent would include something from so many other jobs. But if one has one’s child’s natal chart it makes it much easier to tune into how one can best guide one’s child. It helps parents to see how to turn around negative traits and maximise talents that otherwise may not have been apparent. And greater understanding can lead to greater patience, which is a virtue of immeasurable value in bringing up a child.

Clearly environmental factors, decisions made by parents, education and free will can change or alter in some way or other what is written in the birth chart, for better or for worse. A seed may contain the blueprint of the most beautiful flower, but it will not bloom if it’s denied sunshine, water and good soil. And, in the same way, many have cultivated beautiful flowers in the rockiest of soils through great love and care. The chart can indicate potential problem areas that can in some way mess up and hold back a child’s potentials. A parent can work out ways to turn the situation around and see how, like a good seed, the child can be nurtured so that it blooms and brings forth ripe fruit exactly as it was intended to.

Perhaps your child’s chart has a Mars square Saturn aspect in his or her chart, and as a result grows up feeling ‘blocked’. But if this aspect receives positive aspects from other planets, these can mitigate the difficulty and thus instead allow the Mars/Saturn aspect to manifest in a more dynamic and purposeful way. The positive aspect can show the parent and hence the child how to work out difficulties successfully. In studying a child’s chart – as a kind of representation of life with many pages left to write on – the parent can seek to understand their child better in order to guide and help him/her to bring out his/her special uniqueness, his/her calling in life – their Special Star! And in understanding our children we can also come to a better understanding of ourselves, our own inner child!