I have an Honours Degree in Business Studies from Leeds, and worked for Oxfam, and then as a Social Worker. As a young person I forever had a book in my hand, and was particularly interested in stories and hence read many novels, (and still do) but found that I was particularly interested in stories of the Greek and Roman Myths.

None of the skills I had so far acquired satisfied my curiousity about what makes people ‘tick’, and I was considering what I might do that gave me a more fulfilling career that would really interest me and incorporate my love of story. In the early to mid-90’s I took the Psychological Astrology Courses run by the London Faculty of Astrology, and became hooked. Of course I had to do my own chart first, and discovered that it described my character in such a way that now I understood myself better than I ever had. I realised that Astrology was telling me my ‘own story’ and I have come to believe, that each of us, uniquely, develops our own tale as we travel through life, and Astrology is continually informing one about the direction in which one is travelling.

By this time I had moved to Spain and I set up my practice there. Gradually I developed a client list, and I had a friend who was an Holistic Doctor, and she very kindly recommended me to any of her patients who she thought may benefit from my skills. I have had as clients everyone from Politicians, Bank Managers, Business People, Therapists, Media People and so on.

I had one client, a Danish artist, who came to me for a Consultation. We talked for about 2 hours. As she left, she flung her arms round me, and said she had been in Therapy for 3 years, and they had never really helped her, yet I had got to the heart of her problems in a mere 2 hours. I told her. It wasn’t me. It was the Astrology.

Now I am back in the UK, and if you think that I may be able to help you, then please give me a call or contact me by email. I’d love to hear from you.