Moon entered Virgo at 8.04 am on 30th January, seeking to put everything in order. Hopefully you backed up your computers today, as Mercury turned retrograde…not to turn direct until February 20th. Here is what you need to know about surviving the Messenger Planet’s apparent backward motion through the sky.

Lots of people who know nothing else about astrology have heard of Mercury retrograde, and they worry about it.  Yes, there are things that can go wrong during this period but there’s also a great deal of good that can be accomplished when the Messenger Planet appears to be retracing its passage through the sky.

Mercury —  which in the language of astrology refers to mindset, travel and communication — will appear to move backward through the sky until February 20th. It’s not really moving backwards but that is how it looks from here on Earth.  Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times each year, for approximately a period of 22 days.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad press because we are geared to always be thinking, doing and moving forward. Do you know what that achieves?  Burn out. We do need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose now to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down. But remember that as you slow down, it is vitally important that you keep your focus.

When Mercury is retrograde, be prepared for travel delays, schedules going wrong, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings and surprise reunions. Concentrate and double check important details, like email addresses and all instructions.  Read those instructions more than once — and don’t hesitate to ask for help.  FOCUS!!!!!!!!  Also be aware of a higher than average probability for delays in shipping and travel arrangements. For this you will need an extra dose of patience.

You may also find it profitable to review a project from the past. Maybe you shelved it then, but now is the time to reconsider it. However, spontaneous, “out-of-the-blue” ideas may not be so productive right now. This is why conventional wisdom advises against finalizing and/or signing contracts on deals during Mercury retrograde. An exception might be acceptable if you are renegotiating or relocating. If you really must close a deal, triple check everything. Research on a new strategy is also favoured.

Mercury retrogrades are not ideal times for launching a new website or a new communications systems. There is a higher than average probability of technical problems and confusion.

 Avoid making any major purchases (especially electronic ones) and avoid losing patience — that’s a big one. If you are in doubt, then say nothing!

Mercury turns retrograde at 26 degrees of Aquarius…and retraces its steps all the way back to 11 degrees of Aquarius. It turns direct on February 20th, and arrives at 26 Aquarius again on the New Moon of March 13th. If you would like to see where Mercury is in your chart, and what areas of your life Mercury Retrograde may effect then why not contact me, and treat yourself to your Natal Chart Report. Check out the page on my website.

Mercury Retrograde