Astrological Character Analysis


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Astrological Character Analysis

Your birth chart is a map of the sky based upon your date, time and place of birth, and represents a kind of blueprint for your life.  It indicates potentialities rather than actualities;  you will live your life within the framework of your chart, but you actually have considerable choice as to how, or even whether, you will develop and express the potentialities shown therein.  Freewill is seen as being very important in Astrology, and this analysis aims to enable you to understand yourself on a deeper level and thus to make the necessary choices in your life.

Astrology is not a means of fortune telling;  the prediction of events, even if it were possible, would remove any sense of responsibility for your own life.  Astrology is a tool for psychological character analysis, and even where Future Trends are studied these refer to one’s psychological stage of development at certain times of life, not to events.

Not everything in the chart can be included in one analysis;  there is always too much information in any birth chart for this to be possible.  However, the main themes in your life and personality will be brought out and explored, and an analysis can be used in the future as a springboard from which you can explore more deeply the issues raised here, should you wish.

Astrological Character Analysis