Future Trends Report


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Future Trends Report

Your birth chart shows your own unique potential, but it doesn’t represent a static picture, but a living energy pattern, within which you are growing and developing in harmony with the cycles of nature.  You will live your life within the framework of your chart but you actually have considerable choice as to how, or even whether, you will develop and express the potentialities shown therein.  Freewill is seen as being very important in Astrology and a Future Trends Analysis aims to enable you to understand yourself on a deeper level and thus to make the necessary choices in your life.

Astrology is not a means of fortune telling.  If it could predict events it would remove any sense of responsibility you have for your own life.  An analysis refers to your psychological stage of development for the coming year, not to actual events.  Astrology answers not so much ‘What will happen to me?’, but rather ‘What may I become next?  What is the current lesson I have to learn?  What changes in my attitude and action do I need to make in order to pass through the next stage of my evolution?’

The priorities, commitments and structures of the past may no longer be viable for you, but it may not be the time either to break loose or whole-heartedly embrace new priorities.  Because you may not yet clearly know the next steps to take, it may help to allow yourself to drift a little, obeying the voice of your intuition or inspiration, and trusting that it may lead to new sources of meaning.  If you could follow the promptings of your subconscious, you may discover those facets of your life that are not really nourishing or essential and should be left behind, altered or simply reassessed.  The facets of your life which continue (or begin) to beckon you may then prove to be more substantial and rewarding.  By loosening the structures and commitments in which you live new structures may flow in which could be more enriching than those of the past.

Future Trends Report