Relationship Report


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Relationship report – an example.

In relationship astrology the natal charts of both partners are first analysed separately and then they are compared. Astrology is a tremendously efficient tool for assessing interpersonal relationships and provides a deeper understanding of any couple. A synastry report not only shows why two people are attracted to each other but where the potential difficulties lie.

It never says – these two people should not be in a relationship. Rather, it helps the couple to understand areas of their relationship which can potentially cause problems. Such an understanding can enable the couple to work on their relationship and iron out any differences.

There is no interaction between two people’s charts that is so inherently difficult that enough patience, devotion and humility can not only make the relationship last, but make it precious to both people.

Reports are generally 25 to 50 pages in length, and are not computer generated reports.

Relationship Report