Did you have a little baby yesterday? If so, then your baby was born with their Sun in Aquarius, and his/her drive will probably be to be innovative, to be social, and join in co-operative ventures with others. When combined with the Moon in Aries as your child will have been yesterday and today, then s/he may also have a quick and possibly rather assertive mind, with a strong awareness of his/her own intelligence and possibly a rather judicial view of the rest of the world. But you may have to encourage your little one not to develop a sense of smugness and self-satisfaction, which can be one of the downsides of this combination. The Sun in Aquarius little person, with their Moon in the assertive sign of Aries, can all too easily develop a bit of a superiority complex.

But your little baby does have a lot of leadership potential and once s/he makes his/her mind up it may be very difficult to get him/her to change it – so much so that s/he may dismiss others opinions rather too assertively. As this little person grows, s/he will work best when left on his/her own to get on with it, without too much interference.

However, s/he will react positively to new, bright and innovative ideas, and may well come up with many of his/her own. You may need to encourage a little more patience so that s/he can learn to wait for the right time to do those things s/he knows need to be done.

Aquarian Sun/Aries Moon will find it difficult to be physically or mentally inactive, but you can increase your child’s happiness by helping him or her to develop smooth relationships, and to deal with people diplomatically. S/he needs to learn to value what others have to say.

Your child will be very future oriented and it would not be surprising if s/he ended up at the head of any profession s/he enters, working for progress and change. Don’t forget that Aquarians like to bring about change from within the system! His/her intellectual development may be ahead of his/her emotional development, and s/he may have quite a short fuse. If threatened s/he may , if you do not help her/him to deal with this trait, become rather unreasonable and unpredictable, due to underlying feelings of insecurity and insecurity.

With the Moon in Aries, your baby will grow up to be generous in love, but also require a lot of affection in return. If you have a baby girl, as an adult, I doubt she will be prepared to take second place in any relationship. If you have a boy, he may look for a relationship with a woman with a strong personality.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aries