If you had a baby on or after 25th January 2021 at 18:51 (UK time) then not only did your baby have the Sun in Aquarius, but also the Moon in the lovely water sign of Cancer. You still have a potentially unconventional, friendly, unpredictable and innovative child, to whom anything new and original will appeal. But equally, with the Moon in Cancer your little baby will always need nurturing. When stressed s/he will want, in all probability, to return to the comfort of his/her home. The bond between Mother and baby also has the potential to be extremely strong, and in fact, in later life, you may have difficulty in encouraging him or her to break away from you.

S/he may be very responsive to the emotional tone and atmosphere around him/her, but s/he may all too easily be dominated by moods which are rather fluctuating and unpredictable. At times s/he may seem a bit irrational to other people because of an inability to explain the reason or source of his/her feelings. Anyone who lives with your baby, once she has grown up, may need to learn to accept his/her ups and downs and understand that at times s/he may just need to withdraw for a while.

However, because of his/her problems in dealing with feelings, s/he may grow up to be a quite sympathetic person wo can easily understand the feelings and needs of other people. But being such a sensitive person s/he may take slights and rebuffs almost too personally, so that if someone does upset him/her, then eventually s/he may forgive, but I doubt she will ever forget.

S/he can be detached and intellectual because of the Aquarian Sun, but his/her Cancer Moon will cause your baby to grow into a person more tolerant, emotional and receptive to other people’s feelings. Instructive, insightful and intense, s/he will potentially always appreciate kind hearted people.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Cancer