On the 7th February at 20:52 the Moon will pass into the Earthy sign of Capricorn. the Sun, of course, is still in the sign of Aquarius. With the Moon in Capricorn your little baby will feel most secure when life is as structured as possible or s/he is simply working hard.

S/he may seem a bit emotionally distant or cold at times, yet at the same time s/he will probably grow up to be a broad-minded, deep-thinking citizen of the world. S/he may always feel a sense of personal responsibility to people who are less capable than him/herself. His/her integrity will probably cause him/her to grow up to be a person who is loved and respected by his/her friends and colleagues, even though s/he may seem a little cold or distant at times. They will recognise his/her honesty, sense of purpose, and foresight and these attributes will probably make him/her a person others will not forget in a hurry, because they feel they can always depend on him/her.

Potentially quite a social person s/he will be very interested in society and its needs. S/he will be concerned with people in some way – perhaps leading them, thinking and writing about them or simply taking care of them.

Sometimes she may be torn between a humanitarian idealism and an instinctive cynicism in regard to human nature. As his/her parents you will help enormously if you can encourage him/her to combine these two aspects of his/her character. In doing so s/he will be able to find the good and valuable side of life and to adapt probably humanitarian values to the world.

S/he will easily identify with all types of people and will probably know how to get the best out of them. His/her conviction to solid principles could give a great deal of appeal to lots of different types of people, as s/he will be able to communicate with them in their own language, putting them at ease, because they will sense that s/he understands them and that they are being treated as equals.

His/her natural authority probably won’t offend people because of this ability to treat others as an equal. S/he will make a good manager, teacher, writer or actor. Employment which needs a great deal of self-motivation, but which also allows for contact and guidance of others may suit him/her best. Your little baby will probably grow up to be able to stand on his/her own two feet, and be able to focus on his/her aims in life. S/he may prove to be ambitious, but only to be his/herself, to find the employment that suits him/her best, and to help others to do the same.

Your little one will probably grow up to be loyal and devoted to his/her loved ones (if the rest of his/her chart supports this). However s/he may also feel surprisingly dependent on others, which may serve to keep him/her emotionally detached. intimacy may prove not to be his/her strong point, and s/he won’t go in for great displays of emotion. But this suggests that s/he may be attracted to emotional people, who can help him/her to overcome his/her own difficulty in enjoying him/herself. However, despite a very rational approach to relationships, s/he will probably enjoy a challenge and a calculated risk – which relationships may prove to be!

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Capricorn