If your little baby was born on the 23rd January 2021, after about 7:45 am (in the UK) then good luck, as your little one will probably never be still. S/he will dislike being in one place for very long and will need variety, wanting to experience many new things constantly. So, s/he will probably be very restless and need constant amusement. Yours is an adventurous little soul, so when she gets that first bike, watch out, as s/he will be off exploring your neighbourhood in the blink of an eye. I suggest that you invest in a strong lock for your garden gate! And s/he is probably such a friendly and open little person s/he will undoubtedly chat to anyone who approaches her. That is not always such a good thing when they are little!

Being an Aquarius s/he will enjoy innovation and Gemini Moon seeks out knowledge and information. S/he may well have a wealth of intuition that will guide him/her along the way, being able to make plans for the future while still enjoying the day. Yours may not be the most emotional child in the world, but s/he will still have the ability to relate to others and if they need help s/he will be there for them. But your baby is an individualist and so getting close to someone as s/he grows older, will not be first on her list of priorities. And though s/he may have a huge group of friends, she will still be a bit of a loner. But positivity and optimism will compensate for his/her lack of emotions.

I doubt that romance will be of much interest to your little one when s/he is older, but concepts and ideas – that’s a different matter! That s/he can be passionate about. S/he will probably function best in a group, rather than in a one-to-one situation, but nevertheless, when eventually in a relationship, s/he will be a faithful partner, as long as his/her need for freedom is respected. That need for freedom may include the occasional dalliance now and then, but usually s/he will always return home. (Once again, the rest of the chart has to be taken into consideration.) Though s/he may seem detached and perhaps a little flighty, s/he will still be very much in love and committed. However s/he will not enjoy domestic responsibilities and any partner may need to understand that from the beginning.

As an adult s/he won’t care about what she does or doesn’t own, or about achieving the traditional milestones in life. S/he will want to be surprised constantly and that won’t be easy, as s/he will be smart, resourceful, contemplative and quite possibly an excellent entrepreneur. S/he won’t fit easily into any traditional roles. And when others are contemplating the trees, s/he will probably be considering the forest.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Gemini.