Did you have your new baby after 2:55 am on the 28th January this year? If so, you have still a little Aquarian, but now your baby’s Moon has moved on to the royal and fiery sign of Leo. We already have seen that, as an Aquarius, your little one is going to be a freedom-loving, strong-willed and independent minded individual, who will probably want to live his or her life as he or she sees fit, even if that means breaking with tradition. Potentially intellectually open, your little one may at times be extremely stubborn and opinionated, especially in one-to-one relationships. So how does your airy Aquarian’s Sun interact with a Leo Moon? Aquarians can seem a bit detached and unemotional, but with a Leo Moon s/he will be potentially more warm and loving. His/her affectionate nature will probably inspire a great deal of loyalty in the people that s/he loves.

Leo is the sign of King/Queenship and so your little one wants to be adored and loved like the little king or Queen that s/he feels s/he is. And s/he too will lavish affection on the people that s/he cares about. S/he has a great deal of pride and needs to be appreciated and recognised. Even if it is just one hand clapping, that will be better than nothing. S/he enjoys being the centre of attention among the people s/he cares about.

Your little Aquarian, even as an adult, will enjoy playing, and will know exactly how to get others to join in. Hence people will enjoy his/her company and when life gets difficult s/he is the perfect person to have around, to lighten things up. However, because of this combination, there may be a great deal of pride, independence, and a lot of self-dramatization. Your child has the potential to grow up to be committed, ambitious and a little eccentric, though at times s/he could be somewhat superficial, impulsive and judgemental.

What s/he needs as a perfect partner would be someone who would be willing to feed his/her ego continually. Not a lot to ask!

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Leo