At 2:16 pm this afternoon, the 3rd February, the Moon moved on it’s merry way and left the sign of Libra. The Sun however, is still in the sign of Aquarius. If you had a baby before 2:16 this afternoon then s/he has the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra – both airy signs. This combination suggests that you potentially have a charming and easy going little baby who will become a member of any playgroup with very few problems (unless of course there are any contradictory factors in the rest of the natal chart! If you have one of my cards from then you can have a child’s natal chart done with a 10% discount.) However, you may find that s/he, on occasions, may suddenly become rebellious, because s/he believes that his/her rights, or her sympathetic nature are being abused, or s/he is being taken advantage of. When s/he grows into an adult she will potentially be a very broad minded idealist, but could become very disappointed when those around him/her turn out to be mere mortals!

Your little baby generally should find it easy enough to ‘go with the flow’, having quite a humane, friendly personality, and enjoying interaction with his/her friends. S/he may often be torn however between the need to belong and an equally strong need to retain his/her individualism and maintain his/her independent thought. However her Moon in Libra will occasionally need harmony and peaceful surroundings. S/he may develop a drive to search for peace when s/he is under stress. S/he will still believe in ‘revolution’, but with the Moon in Libra will do so in the nicest possible way. S/he will probably hate to offend other people. His/her dilemma in life will probably prove to be how to combine causes with friendships and freedom with relationships!

S/he will probably need o learn how to keep his/her feet on the ground, otherwise s/he may appear to be a bit unapproachable and fickle, and could thus be much less effective than if s/he really gets involved with life and joins in the melee. Your baby will have the potential to grow up to be an ideas person and may thrive in such areas as education, communication, public relations and may even follow literary pursuits. Equally s/he could become involved in the arts or fashion worlds.

With this combination of the Sun and Moon I expect that s/he will grow up to be a charming and romantic person, but s/he may always be seeking the ideal relationship (even though s/he may already be involved in one!). Humour, intellectual stimulation and emotional challenges may be important to him/her, but what s/he really needs is a friend who is also a lover, who is not too close and yet not too ‘independent’. S/he will be capable of maintaining a good relationship as long as s/he always is given plenty of space.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Libra