The Airy Sun moved into the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 17:17 on the 5th February, and now the character of your baby is much more inclined to be large, open, breezy and very honest, with an ability to go straight to the point. It’s probable that s/he will make his/her points – all of them! – using all that enthusiasm, a great deal of conviction, and may do so very wittily, so that people will be willing to listen to him/her.

The Moon in Sagittarius tends to have a need for adventure, and, like the Sun in Aquarius, independence. Your baby will probably grow up to want to travel, and go exploring – but this could be either physically or mentally! Possibly s/he will especially crave adventures when s/he feels under stress.

S/he could grow up to be a natural leader or a leading thinker, not just within his/her own social circle. This is because s/he is probably not afraid of saying what s/he thinks, rather than because s/he especially wants the responsibility of being a leader. People who are a little more timid may admire his/her potentially forthright style and easy confidence. However, no doubt, at times she may be a bit tactless, as s/he will have a tendency to steam full speed ahead, without necessarily thinking about other people’s feelings or reactions. S/he could well have plenty of friends and admirers, but they will be aware that what they see is what they get. Tact may not be his/her greatest attribute.

S/he may thrive in areas which stretch his/her mind and where s/he can be inventive. Film or theatre work may suit him/her. Though sometimes s/he may appear a bit detached, potentially s/he may have a gregarious personality with lots of magnetism, and a need for variety, adventure and even intellectual and physical challenge.

Emotionally, at times, s/he may be a bit difficult to bring down to earth. S/he does need friendship, mental rapport, and a capacity for spontaneous play and last-minute adventures – but s/he may not be all that keen on commitment! There may also be a rather unexpected shyness about him/her.

S/he may have an instinct to always stay open to the possibilities in life, and at the same time s/he wants intense personal experiences. S/he needs to remain in charge of his/her own life and needs a partner who can understand this. S/he needs to know that it is him/her who is choosing to be faithful in a relationship, rather than obeying some external rule which says s/he should do so!

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Sagittarius