Sorry to be a little late with this one – the joys of having the vaccination. Not that anyone should worry about it. I did have a few side effects, but they were really minimal and lasted 24 hours at most. I had the Pfizer one, and my husband and the Oxford one. He had no side effects at all. He says!

So if you had a baby born after 2:15:36 am on or after the 3rd February 2021 then s/he has the Sun still in the airy sign of Aquarius and the Moon in the watery sign of Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio adds an emotional intensity to the more detached intellectual Sun in Aquarius, and indicates that your little one may well develop a need for drama in his/her life. S/he could well grow up to have a rather powerful and magnetic personality, indicating a potential to have an hypnotic effect on others. Here we see a potential for detached idealism (Aquarius) combined with a rather dark cynicism (Scorpio).

But in general your baby will probably grow up to be a ‘people person’, and even a student of human nature. An obsessive individualism will attract recognition and that can encourage others to believe in his/her capability and importance. S/he may develop a great deal of charisma and as her/his parents, you may want to encourage her/him not to use this magnetism for self-interested issues.

S/he is capable of developing a rather detached withdrawal if she believes s/he has been slighted or treated unfairly. S/he may try to not hold a grudge, but in fact may feel resentful for quite a long time. You may need to encourage her/him not to indulge in too much obsessive self-interest.

Your little boy or girl may need to learn to balance the side of their nature which can potentially be quite self-determined and in charge of his or her own life, with the side of him/herself which is proud and emotionally possessive. Otherwise your baby may grow up to become a rather manipulative person, and that could undermine any chances for true emotional fulfilment.

His/her Aquarian Sun potentially could be a rational scientist, but the Scorpio Moon is equally the potentially hungry sensualist. These are difficult traits to reconcile but have the possibility of giving your baby, as an adult, a great deal of insight into human nature, with the instincts of a reformer, who is capable of seeing hidden potential in other people.

Where relationships are concerned s/he may be inclined to blow a bit hot and cold, having an ability to marshal his/her passions in an almost machine like way. S/he will be capable of giving a great deal of attention to a loved one and will demand the same in return, and because s/he is so intense, s/he may indeed get that response, as s/he will be an all or nothing type of person who can become totally absorbed in a relationship.

Your little one may prove to be, as an adult, loyal to friends and family and have a persevering and thorough approach to work.

Once again, this is all the potential of the Sun and Moon in these signs, but to get the overall picture of your child, then you can order a full report on my website. Please remember to have a note of your baby’s time of birth. It’s very important. And also remember that you can get 10% off if you buy your report through and use the card contained in the box.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Scorpio