If your baby was born after 7 pm on Wednesday 20th January, (UK time) then not only does he/she have the Sun in Aquarius, but s/he also has the Moon in Taurus, indicating a blend of the intellectual and the emotional. Your little one may turn out to be a very composed and determined, yet stubborn and individual little person.

We know that your little one may prove not to care about who is at the top of the pile in the school hierarchy or what everyone ‘has always done’, because s/he will think for him/herself and have potentially radical views. However, when this is balanced by the Moon in Taurus it may cause her to be more rational and flexible than otherwise expected. S/he will need a purpose in life to bring him or her personal satisfaction, and s/he will not be especially interested in attracting the attention of the public. S/he will be quite willing to ‘go with the flow’ and some people may believe him/her to be too detached. But that’s not quite so. When s/he is watching other people, what s/he will care about is not the other person’s social or financial standing but what interests that person. If the other person doesn’t do anything that seems of interest to your Aquarian, then s/he simply won’t bother to try to get to know him or her better.

Your little one has the potential to grow into a person who will want primarily to live in peace and to have security and avoid conflicts. Though while s/he is young s/he may prove quite stubborn this may well, if you can encourage him/her, into an ability to concentrate and focus, when s/he is older. With the Moon in Taurus s/he should be more able to be patient than many other Aquarians.

Though s/he may well still grow up to be individualistic and ambitious and hence set quite high goals for him/herself. S/he will probably want to be more knowledgeable, and your compassionate, revolutionary and unusual Aquarius will be helped by her or his sensitive, stable and down to earth Moon in Taurus to be more practical and more of this world. S/he will need a lot of space to express his or her individuality as well as a lot of freedom to do what s/he wants, and when it comes to relationships s/he will know what s/he wants and that will be serenity, security and longevity.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Taurus