Did you have a little baby today, 30th January 2021, born at or after 8:04 am this morning (in the UK). If so, your baby still has the Sun in Aquarius, so all I wrote previously concerning an Aquarius Sun still applies, but s/he also now has the Moon in Virgo. This combination of airy Aquarius and earthy Moon in Virgo has a wonderful ability to make plans. However, with the Moon in this sign there will be a strong link between your little ones emotions and their body. If s/he is distressed, it may well show in such things as skin reactions, fevers etc. Basically, when stressed s/he could all too easily become unwell. The important thing to always remember however is that if stressed thoughts can cause him or her to have health problems, s/he can also be encouraged to ‘think’ him/herself well again!

You may find that you have a child who will grow up to look for perfection – as the Moon represents, among other things, the Mother, s/he may be following in his/her mother’s footsteps in this respect. S/he will probably make a priority, as an adult, of making progress in all s/he does, and be very methodical in going about achieving such progress.

I expect that you will find that you have an assertive, but nevertheless helpful and cheerful little one. Try to discourage him/her from being too competitive or aggressive. S/he will need eventually to be in a relationship with someone who can understand his/her potentially rather obsessive nature.

Generally your role may be to help your child deal with the connection that exists between his/her mind and his/her emotions. Some with this combination can potentially become somewhat neurotic about their health, obsessing about what they eat, for example, or going to the gym far too often! But if you can encourage your child, as she grows up to understand the necessity for a balanced and healthy regime regarding exercise and food, then s/he can become unbeatable! Aquarians are independent, original and friendly and Virgos are practical, precise and have good judgement. This indicates that your baby has the potential to be objective and not overly emotional. S/he can become one of the ‘thinkers’ of the world! The power of the mind, reason, critical observation and innovative deduction are all assets that your little baby may well possess.

Why not discover how applicable this is to your new little baby, and how much it is modified by the other planets in his/her chart, by having a full natal child’s report done.

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Virgo