Today, Tuesday 19th January, if you have a baby born at or after 8.40 pm (in the UK), then you will have had a little enigmatic Aquarian baby come into your life.  You will find that he or she will enjoy social group activities as she grows and friendship will probably prove to be one of his or her main drives. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus and these two planets have totally incompatible natures.  Saturn craves structure and order, but Uranus is more interested in tearing those structures down.  This causes contradictions, but these contradictions indicate that your little girl or boy will undoubtedly have a very interesting nature.   

Aquarius is an Air sign, and air signs prefer detachment;  unlike the water signs emotional involvement is not their primary drive.  The positive side of this personality trait will be that s/he will probably develop an ability to deal with large issues objectively, simply because s/he can detach from personal emotions. S/he will prefer to rationalize feelings because for your little girl or boy, it will be better than actually ‘feeling’ them.  Your little Aquarian will potentially grow up to love ‘people’, but find it a little more difficult to handle one-to-one relationships of a personal nature – depending of course on the rest of their chart!

However, being able to separate one’s personal needs from the needs of a group can be a useful attribute.  Aquarians are excellent people for being able to deal with the greater good, and for standing up for what they believe is right.  Your little one may well be the person who grows up to fight the battle on behalf of the underdog.  They potentially make excellent doctors with their ability to care for people, but at the same time not become so emotionally involved with their patients that it causes problems.

But watch out, because you will probably find that s/he looks for friends who are not traditional, but who have unusual, and for him or her, stimulating ideas. Aquarius is concerned with being new, radical and different, and quite often what appeals will be the eccentric.  S/he may grow up to be a person who is a bit of a rebel and a free spirit, who may be a bit awkward, but who prefers to bring about reforms from inside any group rather than from the outside. 

But though s/he may seek out the new and the different because of the ruler Uranus, nevertheless, as Aquarius is also a fixed air sign, s/he might find it surprisingly difficult to change, due to the co-ruler, Saturn.  Your little baby may grow up to establish him/herself as different from everyone else, but then he or she will insist on remaining unchanged.   

Your baby should grow up to be a person with both stability and stamina, but don’t be surprised if he or she has quite a stubborn and inflexible streak. 

Sun in Aquarius