If your child has this combination, both the Sun and the Moon are in Earth signs, which indicates that your little one will grow up with a personality which enjoys routine, and may well, at times, be very stubborn. If your little boy or girl wants to climb to the top of the staircase, then you will see his/her determination in their attempts to do so.

On the positive side your child will probably be quite stable and if you explain something to him or her, as s/he grows. s/he will be realistic enough to understand and act upon, what you are saying. Potentially s/he will be an optimistic person who will believe that things will work out for the best – and usually they will! It won’t be too difficult to get him/her to focus on his/her goals, and work towards them with a lot of determination, and a dogged persistence of will.

S/he may in fact actually enjoy facing challenges and being given difficult problems to solve. It may be very difficult however to get him/her to change his/her mind, once she is set on a particular course. it may be very hard to adapt to changing conditions. This suggests that s/he may be somewhat lacking in versatility or flexibility, but your little one will be able to make up for any slowness in adjustment by persistent effort and firmness of judgement. S/he will be quite conservative by nature and hence function best in well established affairs.

I expect that your little one could grow up to have a really strong sense of service, and others may be very reassured by his or her calm attitude to life. This calm judgement and ability to realistically evaluate conditions will help your little Capricorn Sun/Taurus Moon child to grow into a potentially effective executive, professional person, manager or organizer with solid and practical ideas. S/he has the potential to grow into a person with administrative drive and social sensitivity.

Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus