Your little baby may have been born when the Sun was in the Earth sign of Capricorn and the Moon was in the opposite, watery sign of Cancer. If so then you have a child who is potentially much more sensitive and intuitive than may be immediately obvious. It won’t be too difficult for your little one to grow up feeling what other people are experiencing, and to recognise when s/he is being deceived much more easily than most. A Capricornian ability to analyze a problem will blend with a natural sensitivity to help your child grow up to be efficient at handling emotional matters in a practical way.

S/he could grow up with a calm, reserved and seemingly rather tough exterior, but in fact, inside there will be an emotional and vulnerable little person. Equally s/he may appear quite self-sufficient and independent and somewhat cynical. But this in fact simply masks an inner insecurity. S/he may feel that his or her skills and abilities are not enough. Because of this it could be easy for a Capricorn Sun/Cancer Moon person to become quite pessimistic and perhaps put up a protective wall. Your little one will find it quite difficult to recognise and acknowledge their own strengths, and as a parent, you may best help your child to understand how gifted she actually is; to learn to accept and love him/herself as much as possible, and to develop and cultivate their natural charm.

Your baby will potentially grow preferring to do things on his/her own, and it doesn’t really matter if his/her employment in the future involves her/him being their own boss, but s/he does still need to be socially active, as too much isolation could lead to depression. S/he will grow up with the ability to demonstrate a lot of affection and compassion for people that they love, and will have the ability to understand what others are going through. S/he just needs to be encouraged always to have faith in his/herself and be willing to be open to saying what s/he really wants to say, when they want to say it. Hence, being aware and taking notice of his/her own feelings is an important characteristic to develop.

Your little one will undoubtedly grow up to be attached to their family and their home, where they need to grow up feeling safe and secure. S/he may occasionally be too serious, because of their Capricorn Sun, and when s/he is faced with any opposition in their love life, they will need a great deal of reassurance, which may not always be recognised.

Basically this is a child who will have a constant internal battle between practicality and their emotions. It will depend both on the rest of their chart, as well as their upbringing which side of their character ends up being centre stage. The ideal of course is to find a balance between the two. However, eventually ambition will probably be gentle and less autocratic because of emotional sensitivities.

Sun in Capricorn; Moon in Cancer