Capricorn is an earth sign, whereas Gemini is an air sign. You will undoubtedly discover very early on that your little one has a quick mind, so that when she goes to school s/he will be a fast learner, easily taking in new ideas and impressions. The combination of these two signs suggests that if your baby has this combination s/he has the potential to be very studious, and also very keen to develop his/her talent to express him or herself, perhaps through writing or through public speaking. Your little one will have a great deal of mental curiosity and you would be advised to stimulate this aspect of his/her character, knowing that potentially s/he is flexible, versatile and adaptable.

However, as s/he grows s/he may change his or her mind and ideas constantly – one day s/he will love her sausage and beans – the next you may have a determined vegetarian on your hands! And you had better have your arguments ready, as trust me, s/he will never be at a loss for words. In fact, this character aspect may be something you actually would be wise to develop and encourage, as it may prove useful professionally in the future. Some type of work involving writing, publishing or advertising may suit him or her.

As your baby grows, it may surprise people how serious s/he really is, in spite of a potential ‘gift of the gab’! In fact watch out, as s/he could sometimes worry a bit too much and allow anxieties to grow out of proportion, even though s/he can appear volatile and buoyant and act as though s/he didn’t have a care in the world. In fact s//he has the potential to grow up to be ambitious and practical, and inwardly s/he will be sound, reliable and practical, but outwardly s/he may nevertheless seem changeable and contradictory. Like most Capricorns, s/he may want to advance in the world, and s/he does have the aptitude to do so. Encourage your little girl or boy to learn new things, and as s/he gets older, how to plan and try out new ideas and theories.

Because, as an adult, s/he may enjoy travelling, (whether physically or mentally) because of a love of variety and innovation, it may be rare for your little Capricorn Sun/Gemini Moon to sit still for very long as a little one. Internal restlessness will keep him or her moving. Like many Capricorns, as s/he gets older, you will see that s/he becomes a hard worker, and should be encouraged to focus, and direct his or her knowledge in one direction. It may actually, on occasions, prove difficult for your child to decide where s/he stands on any particular subject, because their his or her interests are so diverse, and because s/he is open to any new theories. S/he may get puzzled when labours don’t bring rewards immediately. Your baby wants applause right now and will want instant satisfaction and acknowledgement. However, detachment may end up proving to be a part of his or her character.

Sun in Capricorn Moon in Gemini