I was referred to Stephanie by a friend here in Spain but was a little sceptical. I regularly read my horoscope in the papers but they are general and vague and a bit of fun. So I was astonished when Stephanie produced a multi page in depth report based simply on my date, time and place of birth. I read it with great interest and was amazed how well this person seemed to know me! Not just my personality but my hopes and ambitions past and present. My sisters visited me, we read through the report together and they confirmed the accuracy of Stephanie's report. Interestingly, one or two of the points that she had suggested about my childhood and that I did not recognise, were clarified by my sisters and again proved to be accurate. I have highly recommended Stephanie to all of my friends and they too are delighted. A special favourite for the grandmothers is the chart Steph does for newborn babies. A fantastic christening present!

Your Natal Chart for my Mum was amazing. Totally Mum! Well done!

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