I just felt I HAD to get in touch & tell you how the charts you have done for me have helped me to plan my life better, and understand those who are close to me more clearly. Firstly, I found the Natal Chart you did for me Fascinating. I would never have believed that the planets could provide us with so much in-depth & precise knowledge about ourselves.( Talk about being born with a Blue-Print !! ) This has proved really helpful to me, in understanding myself , my feelings , & my professional skills & challenges. Also, why I am drawn to some things & repelled by others, and to use as a guide as to what is good & not so good for me !! This helped me decide that a Future Trends Report would be a GREAT tool to have in my hands, as I am such a diverse person, with many options & yet my indecisiveness often makes my choices difficult, so in having this report, I have been able to plan better, & KNOW when the best times are to “ GO FOR IT “ !! or “shelve it”, & what is around me currently, & in my future, so that I can live a more comfortable, yet productive life, both personally & professionally, with wonderful confidence & fulfilling relationships. Also, having a Natal Chart produced for my husband was a GREAT decision!! To understand what makes him “tick “ has been really useful, and has opened up our communication with each other. It makes you realise where your challenges are due to your differences, so you can be aware of those things & NOT take them personally. Also, it makes you look outside your own personal feelings, views & skills & realise how much can be gained from looking at your relationship as one whole thing, not two separate people, because together you have more to offer the world. & finally Stephanie, THANK YOU so much for producing the charts for our 2 sons. As most people will recognise, sibling rivalry is a HUGE part of the challenge of being parents to 2 boys !!! Well, after having their natal charts done, it has begun to get easier, due to seeing how they differ from each other ( even though their sun signs are the same !!) It has helped us to use each of their positive attributes, & reduce the attention on their negative challenges, so as to produce a happier, healthier, QUIETER house all-round !! Another advantage of having their charts done, is that we can guide them to use skills, and aspects of their nature that we were unable to see prior to having the charts, to help them utilise their assets for a more successful future, After all _ no “ children are EVER the same. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Professional Talent with me. PS My friends BOTH REALLY loved their Charts that you produced for their newborn babies & one said “ WOW I have NEVER seen anything like this! It’s FANTASTIC, so unique.

I'm amazed at the accuracy of this. Thanks so much. Reading this is like therapy!!! It's amazing! SPOT ON.

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