The Solar Eclipse on the 21st June 2020 was at 00* Cancer.  A Solar Eclipse in this sign generates sensitivity and feelings, but also insights.  This is part of a series of eclipses that began on July 13, 2018, across the Cancer/Capricorn axis, and among other things it has shifted our public view of safety (symbolized by Cancer) and authority (represented by Capricorn).  The final eclipse in this series occurs on July 5/6th 2020, when a total Lunar Eclipse at 13* Capricorn ends this 2 year cycle. 

Restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation and illusions are also the trademark of this family of eclipses. Events can occur that may seem to block the individual, and any individual who does feel blocked is best advised to wait for a good 6 months before trying to take any real action. 

This particular eclipse connects with the planet Saturn and this suggests an imbalance between personal freedom and responsibility, between self-expression and restriction.  It’s best to try to be flexible and open minded now but also cautious, patient and as responsible as possible.

But also, find the time to make a list of your future goals and consider if there are any habits and behaviours that you could perhaps change.  Look for new and inventive ways to go forward into the future. 

Many of us are currently in lockdown and due to the coronovirus are having to take time off work, or are having to face extra responsibilities at work. Torn between the responsibilities of home and work many people may be suffering from extra tensions, which could all too easily lead to physical exhaustion or even illness.  It is hard to find a compromise, but even a small adjustment could restore some balance in your life.  Take one step at a time and focus on your most important responsibilities first. 

There is no doubt that eclipses often prove to be powerful, impactful and significant, whether or not they make a direct hit on your birth chart.  It is best to expect the unexpected and accept the unknown.  Life, after all, is a journey.  Try to enjoy the ride!

The Solar Eclipse