I’m just reading a book called ‘Troubled Blood’ by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling).  This is one of her Cormoran Strike novels, and she uses Astrology a great deal in this novel. Coincidentally, you may have seen that there has been some newspaper coverage around ‘new mothers thinking parenting is written in the stars’.  I found this fascinating, as an Astrologer myself.  So what’s going on?  Normally I find that the media are not entirely astrology-friendly (despite the fact that they have their star sign columns!) and I have read very few novels that have astrology as a central theme. 

We all know that it’s not easy being a parent, especially during these challenging times.  A job description for any parent would include something from so many other jobs, especially at the moment when they are expected to be teachers as well as parents.  Clearly it seems that some mothers have discovered (what Astrologers have always known) that having your child’s chart can make it so much easier to find how to best deal with your child.

For example, you may be a stoic, responsible Capricorn mother, having an ability to be practical, detached and down to earth – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  However, your baby may be a sensitive and deeply emotional Cancerian.   Perhaps, having been fed, changed and provided with a warm and comfortable cot to sleep in, your baby still   cries and cries, even though you’ve done every practical thing you can do.  But still all you can hear is crying!  Why?  You rub on the teething gel!  It makes no difference.  Baby is still crying!

Perhaps it’s because your sensitive little baby simply wants to be cuddled.  Wants to lay in your arms, be rocked, and feel your warmth.  Sometimes the practical things, though necessary, just aren’t enough. 

Equally it could be the other way round.  Mum is a Cancer Sun and just wants to carry baby round all day, cuddling and fussing him or her.  But if baby is a Capricorn Sun then this baby just wants to be fed, changed and allowed to go to sleep in the peace and quiet of a cot, and being carried about and constantly cuddled is just not what is wanted.

Greater understanding, with the assistance of natal charts, can lead to greater patience, and this can be of immense value when bringing up a child, especially through this difficult period of lockdown.

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The use of Astrology to a Parent