Astrologically the Sun is currently in the sign of Capricorn, so if you have a baby between the 21st December and the 21st January, you have a little Capricorn. Potentially it helps to deal with your baby if you know their astrological personality traits – it would be even better if you had the whole picture through having their whole natal chart, but still, a little guidance through knowledge about their Sun Sign can also be helpful.

The horned goat represents this Sun Sign, and it can look rather ferocious and aggressive, but in fact Capricorns are well known for being extremely grounded and sensitive, while at the same time being confident and intelligent. Hence Capricorn babies tend to be curious by nature, and potentially will even adapt to situations that you would think s/he wouldn’t like. Whereas your friend’s little baby may reject solid foods, your little goat will probably give almost anything a try. Likewise, with potty training and generally getting into a routine. Of course, I’m not suggesting your child will be a little angel, and will generally accept everything at first go, but s/he will probably adapt to anything new more quickly than most. Capricorns have a tendency never to give up and equally, can be very stubborn about it.

Your little boy or girl may grow up to be a very ambitious person (depending of course on the rest of their chart). As a toddler if there is something s/he wants to do, then trust me, it will get done. If you have a climbing frame, for example, and your little mountain goat wants to get to the top of it, his/her persistence and focus will help him or her go to any limits to get there. A flight of stairs will be a challenge!

Little Capricorns also will tend to like to keep their things tidy and perfect, so it may be a good ideal to encourage this trait early on. Teach him/her to make his/her own bed and sort out their own toys. Once you understand how your little baby prefers things, it will become easier to predict their next move, and understand what is going on in his/her head.

Capricorns are often thought to be rather needy, wanting to be loved, and may continually try to grab your attention. That’s why it could help to know your child’s Sun Sign, because if your personalities do clash a little, and you find it quite hard to deal with any constant demands for attention, if you understand why they are doing so, setting expectations about how much attention is enough could prevent a continuing situation that may otherwise demand a good deal of time and effort on your part.

You may have to encourage your little Capricorn to join in group activities; otherwise they may come across as a bit of a loner. They may seem a bit shy or timid, but in fact on the inside, they just prefer peace and quiet. But you will probably find that when they grow up they will become firm friends with the people they trust.

So that is your little Capricorn Sun baby. This, of course, would all be modified by the placements and aspects in their full natal charts. But encourage and appreciate your child and be sensitive to their dreams and goals. Give them tasks that will challenge their intelligence and encourage them to lead, knowing that a large part of their personality may make them want to stay by themselves. help build your little Capricorn’s confidence and that will give them a good start in life.

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Your Capricorn Baby